Curso de Verano


Tulum is unique place on Earth on terms of water and its systems. In in an effort to help nature, we are creating a school for adults and kids, where we can host environmentalist and experts.

This course will be an art project with natural material to create a space for future school for out door environmental education.

The course will take place August 8-18, 10am until 6pm, excluding Sundays.

Location at Cenote IX-CHEL, on the road to Cobá KM 8.

We call our earth tribe into action by participating in this course you will help build and learn Bio construction, bamboo, cooking, Mayan astrology, clay, dance, yoga and more. Take the time to out from your lives to connect to community in conscious way.

You can choose to camp at the cenote or arrive daily from your own home.

We feel that the essence of Sustainability Education is to guide children to tap into their innate capacity for systems thinking. We hope through this course to cultivate in families the understanding that everything is connected and our actions on this planet have consequences. Participants learn to be mindful of the impact of their actions on the natural environment and each other.

Diversity at Ixchel is celebrated, and the mutual exchange of ideas is encouraged, learning Mayan culture and cultivating more respect for this land. As well as personal relationships are built and strengthened as we play and learn alongside each other.

Together learning to revive ourselves – remembering what we always knew about our connection with nature but maybe have forgotten.

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  • * Why have we chosen the name Ixchel?
    Ixchel is the Jaguar Goddess of the Mayan culture in Yucatan. The goddess of children and medicine. She represents the lunar cycles, as well as the energy of the grandmother, also to the bath of sweat. We, as a community, dedicate ourselves to curing water, Ixchel is the goddess of water and rain.
  • * Where is the Ixchel school?
    It is in Cenote Ixchel, a paradise in the jungle. We are an example of ecological life … that has a consideration for nature and individuality / community.
  • * Who are we?
    We are people from all over the world, from all social backgrounds, cultures and age groups. We are visitors and permanent residents with skills to support the community and support the collective vision as a family.
  • * Why are we here?
    Here we are gathering diverse ideas, skills and ways of life that must be rediscovered and developed. By carefully observing the teachings of nature with the help of the science of Permaculture, we have designed a system that mimics a healthy ecosystem. Faced with the growing global crisis, Cenote Ixchel emerges as an open space for new models of development that respond to the challenges of humanity.

To confirm your participation: make a deposit at ScotiaBank 5579209126312476 or send a PayPal to Then, send a photo of the payment to Madai Guido by mail or WhatsApp 9842083362 . < / strong>

** If for any reason you can not attend the course, we will reimburse you half of your deposit.



Milana has been known for bringing together diverse ideas, skills and ways of living from ancient spiritual disciplines to help foster a harmonious relationship between people and Mother Earth.

Co-founder of the Paititi Institute in Peru, an Inca shrine that has been dedicated to permaculture education for 4 years. That creates economies of vibrant and local foods. The food forests and gardens of Paititi serve as an educational model to set an example. In addition to using indigenous medicine practices and natural healing modalities. His vision is to co-create communities with greater purpose and service.



Colombian architect trained at the University of San Buenaventura in Cali, Colombia. He is the founder of Mixed Architecture, bioarchitecture / bioconstruction office, with works represented in several countries, such as Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Its main objective is to create architectural spaces with natural materials and ancestral techniques, such as bareque, adobe, wood, clays and mainly bamboo with concepts inspired by nature, such as universal geometry and biomimicry.


Learn bio-construction with coconut concrete – Steven Yantra. Towards coexistence, artistic sensitivity, the development of creativity, motor coordination, free play, awareness of the body and mind working with sensory experiences through structures of coconut-concrete and natural elements.


“The environment has been my main concern since 1994. During these 25 years, I have had the opportunity to be in the legislative, executive, civil society and business sectors, although they seem to be different sectors in everything. I have carried out activities related to the environment.”

These activities range from the realization of projects and programs, consultancies, courses, studies and in the last 3 years the manufacture, sale and installation of green walls. We have formed the company Organi-K ISSA that consists of two areas: environmental consultancies and vertical gardens or green walls. We provide environmental solutions. Currently I specialize in Integrated Solid Waste Management.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

– Albert Einstein