How do I sign up my child?:
The first step is to send a request by email to our email once the visit to the school and an interview with the teacher in charge is made. will proceed to a period of adaptation and observation of the child that will last one or two weeks depending on the case with a cost of $ 2000 pesos per week, in case of deciding to continue with the registration process, this adaptation cost will be deducted from the first tuition.


Administrative fees for Kinder and Nursery:
The contributions of the parents cover the ordinary expenses of the time that the children spend in normal schedule every day, as well as the salaries of the teachers and assistants.

Annual registration –
Monthly tuition –
Annual material –
$ 4,500.00 pesos
$ 4,500.00 pesos
$ 2,500.00 pesos
  • Tuition fees are monthly and must be made from the 28th day of each month until the 03rd of the following month, taking 6 days to complete them without generating a surcharge.
  • The surcharge has a cost of 500 pesos from the 04th day of each month.
  • The registration fee must be covered in full even after the school year.
  • The fees for material and registration are not refundable in any case.
  • If there is a special situation for which the fee will not be covered in time and form, please let us know in advance, in which case an appointment will be scheduled to know the causes and reach an agreement.
  • For families with two children inside the school they can be granted a discount.
  • We ask you to be props with your payments since the proper functioning of the school depends directly and absolutely on your contributions.
  • Once the child is enrolled, the fees must be covered in full even if they have to be absent for a few weeks or months, unless the child withdraws; In case of applying for the BAJA, it must be informed at least one month in advance.
  • The July and August fees that are summer holidays that cover in full in time and form; even without activities the school generates cats that we must cover as salaries, rent, care and food for the animals and maintenance.
  • Donations received by families are independent of the payment of monthly fees.

What happens if my child starts after the school year starts?
The material fees and annual registration will be covered in full at any time during the school year without exception.